This Week… 13-19 April

New pushchair
When Clara wouldn’t sleep this week and was being really clingy, I thought I would try out the new pushchair – and she was asleep in minutes! I have found a new best friend!

2015-04-19 22.00.40

Bubble fun!
Paddy’s Bathroom are hosting the world’s first Bubble Barber for tots on the 26th and 27th April. Inspired by this, Clara modelled some soapy hairstyles at bathtime!

2015-04-15 15.32.29

2015-04-15 15.31.53

Unfortunately we can’t make it (as we live the other end of the country!) but if you are in the London area your little one could be rocking an iconic celebrity hairstyle made of bubbles. If you are interested in going along to the pop-up salon in Soho, visit the Paddy’s Bathroom Facebook page for more information.

Party Time
We went for a lovely Sunday lunch today to celebrate my Dad’s 70th Birthday. It’s usually quite tricky to get us all together as my parents have 5 daughters and 10 grandchildren, so at a family lunch we generally take over the place. My Dad loves taking photos so I made a camera out of icing to go on the top of his cake. Around the sides I put some strips of icing that had photos printed on, like a film strip, which I bought from a shop on eBay.

IMG_20150419_145225Izzy was on her best behaviour which was nice after a stroppy week (her being stroppy, not me) and my sister randomly gave her a camel outfit so as soon as we got home she was dressing up and pretending to camel race. Thanks to her Daddy, who was showing her YouTube videos of racing camels.


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A family day out at Gulliver’s World

A couple of weeks ago we spent the day at Gulliver’s World Theme Park in Warrington. I have been there as a child but not as an adult so I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

There were a lot more rides than I thought there would be, and lots of climbing frames and outdoor play areas so you can easily fill an entire day. We spent 7 hours there and managed to go on all the rides that we wanted to, some more than once, but we were lucky that despite it being Easter weekend we hardly had to queue.


Smiling with Gully Mouse

Great for little kids

All the rides are designed for children and while there are some bigger rides I don’t think older children/teens would get much value from the park. Izzy is 4 and at 105cm she was tall enough for the majority of the rides and there were only a handful of rides that she was too small for.


On safari

Curtseying like Alice

Curtseying like Alice

Many of the rides and attractions are showing their age now – they are quite outdated and could do with sprucing up! But Izzy didn’t seem to notice or care and she had a fantastic time. She loved the Dinosaur rides and the carousel but her favourite was the walk-through haunted house, which she went in 4 times! Clara is still too small but she was able to sit in a carriage on the carousel with me, which she looked a bit bemused by.


Even though there is lots to do, all the attractions are quite close together so you don’t have to walk for miles between everything, which is always handy when you have got young children in tow!

Staying over

We stayed at the Gulliver’s World Hotel the night before going to the theme park. They have themed rooms which look really fun, though the standard family room that we stayed in did the trick considering we were hardly in there. The hotel has an indoor games room and an outdoor play area for the children and in the evening they put on a film on in the reception area and provide milk and cookies. We went out for tea (there’s a Nandos in Warrington so of course we had to go there!) so Izzy missed this, but she did enjoy the games room.

The only downside to the Hotel would have to be the breakfast. It is served in the diner at the theme park, which is across the carpark. It’s not far but we had the kids in their pyjamas and slippers as we didn’t realise we had to go outside! The food was okay, but the buffet style breakfast was very limited in choice and they kept running out of things while we were there. And as I am a big fan of breakfast (most important meal of the day you know) I was a bit disappointed.

A lovely family trip

Overall it was a great family day out and Izzy loved it, so I would definitely go back. Maybe in a couple of years when she will be tall enough for all the rides but still small enough to appreciate them, and by then Clara will be big enough so enjoy some rides too!


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This week… 6-12 April

Fun on the swings
We made the most of the beautiful weather this week (before it turned to torrential rain) and had three trips to the park. Izzy got to run off some energy and pretend she was a Ninja (yes, Ninjas are the big thing in our house at the moment) while Clara got to go on a swing for the very first time. She wasn’t too sure what to make of it at first but then, gripping on tight, she started to giggle everytime the swing moved.




Washing the car
I hate driving through the car wash (it’s a weird, irrational fear), so I put Izzy to work suggested a really fun game of ‘clean the car’. Which went down surprisingly well. Of course we both got soaked and I then had to bath Izzy once we had finished but it was a fun and productive way to fill a sunny afternoon.

Health visitor check up
Clara, who is 10 and a half months now, weighs 19 pound and 3 ounces, which is perfectly average for her age. This is the first time she has been weighed since her 6 week check up but as she eats well and has some chunky sturdy little limbs I’ve never been concerned about her weight. Everything else checked out fine – we went through some questionnaires that I had filled out beforehand and Clara is on track with her communication, social and physical development. She got a Bookstart bag with a couple of books in it and she has been enjoying the Elmer one loads, though Izzy has already claimed the bag as she wants one for her library books!

Sunday baking
Making cupcakes kept Izzy occupied while Daddy watched the football.



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10 months old

Another month has flown by and my littlest is getting bigger by the day. I am a bit behind with this post as she turned 10 months 2 week ago, but time has just got away from me! It will be really nice to look back on these monthly updates and remember all the stages she has gone through – especially as this year is going so fast and all the weeks seem to blur together. That’s one of the reasons I started this blog – to record all the little and ordinary yet at the same time amazing moments that make up our family life.


1. She smiles with her entire face – when she smiles she opens her mouth really wide. My parents say I did the same as a baby and they reckon she looks a lot like me when she does it.

2. She crawls and stands at the speed of light! One minute she is next to me, the next she is across the room trying to pull furniture on herself. She has managed to stand for a few seconds without holding on to anything, but she is quite unsteady on her feet.



3. Eating is still one of her favourite things to do. She loves exploring different flavours and textures and is really confident with finger food. The girl loves cake.



4. She is starting to recognise a lot more words and respond to them. If you ask her to clap, wave, dance or high five she will, always with a cheeky smile on her face. She claps along to music, especially “If you are happy and you know it” which is one of her favourites.

5. On her own she is quiet and content, happy to entertain herself with her toys or look at books with me. When Izzy is on the scene though she goes giddy, and they chase each other around the room on all fours and tickle each other. Sometimes though she just wants to sit next to her big sister. Just quietly resting her head on her. Which lasts all of 30 seconds before she pulls Izzy’s hair!


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From the mouth of a furious 4 year old

It’s so hard being 4. Or so our daughter reminds us on an almost daily basis. When she is being a little monkey (yeah, let’s stick with monkey) and things aren’t quite going her way, she comes out with some often hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking, retorts.

I try not to take it personally.  She is quite fickle and within five minutes I will be back to being the “best Mummy in the world”. Which sounds like a huge compliment, until you hear her say in the same breath that Daddy is the best “in the whole universe”!

So here are some of the things that our 4 year old has come out with lately when she isn’t getting her own way. Often said through gritted teeth while stamping her foot. 

1. “You have spoiled my whole day.”

2. “You ruin my world.” (When our crimes are worse than just day-spoiling)

3. “If you tell me off again I’m going to go out of the house on my own and go live in the woods.”

4. “I don’t want you to be my Mummy and Daddy anymore. I’m going to find a new family. Clara can come with me.” (At least she loves her sister!)

5. “I don’t want to live here anymore. I’m going to live with Auntie Di.” (Lucky Auntie Di!)

6. “You’re not coming to my birthday party.” (Said when her birthday is 10 month away)

7. “I am 5 now but you didn’t know that because I didn’t invite you to my party.” (Said in a very vindictive manner!)

8. “You have broken my little heart.” (Awww)

9. “Stop being nice to me!” (Said whilst fuming that I am responding to her angry screams with polite nonchalance.)

10. “Stop saying kind things. I hate kind things. I’m too angry for kind things.”

11. “I’m going to tell your Mummy and Daddy!” (You go tell Grandma and Grandad, I think they will agree with me on this one.)

12. “I’m going to call the police and tell them all about you!”

13. “We are not best friends anymore.”

14. “You are the most awful-est Mummy ever!” (Said because I asked her to take her shoes off.)


I had several of these screamed at me this morning alone, amidst a tantrum of epic proportions. You know the type. You know as soon as it starts that it’s going to get much, much worse before it passes. You try to warn passers by to take cover. Save yourselves! But it’s too late.

Forget paranoia, everyone in the shop is staring. With deafening screams and tears streaming down her face, I managed to channel some kind of inner calm and swiftly hauled her out of the shop with one hand while pushing the trolley with the other. She didn’t want to leave the shop or get in the car. The car seat battle resulted in me being kicked in the stomach and chest. My beautiful and cheeky girl looked like she was auditioning for a remake of the exorcist.

And why? What could have possibly caused this outburst?

Bloody Frozen. More specifically, a plastic Frozen bag with hair slides in it. Because she doesn’t own enough Frozen hair slides. And copious other tat adorned with the Disney sisters.

But the storm eventually passed, so to speak, and she was soon back to her sweet and innocent self. Phew. It is hard being a 4 year old. At moments like that its even harder being the parent of one!

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Everything Mummy

This week… 30 March – 5 April

It’s been a busy first week of the Easter holidays as we have been down in Manchester for my sister-in-law’s wedding and then to Gulliver’s World yesterday (both of which I will blog about this week). We got back late last night so today has been spent in our PJs, watching Planes 2 and the Lego Movie and eating a lot of chocolate. And writing this post for the second time as I published it earlier and for some unknown reason it has completely vanished! So frustrating! But anyway, for the second time today, here goes.

Easter Fun
We started off the week with an easter egg hunt round at our friend’s house. Izzy loves her friend Charlie – they are like an old married couple sometimes. Fighting one minute and laughing their heads off at each other the next! The first thing Izzy wants to do when she goes round to play is raid Charlie’s dressing up box so she can be a superhero.


Izzy painted some boiled eggs as yellow and purple minions and I think she did a pretty good job!

We went to the cinema at the Trafford Centre to see the new Dreamworks film ‘Home’. On the way to Manchester we stopped at McDonalds and Izzy got a toy from the film in her Happy Meal – McDonalds and the cinema being two of her favourite places!

The film was really good. There was some ‘mild peril’ as clumsy alien Oh tries to save Earth and help his new friend Tip find her Mum, but there was nothing that would really upset young children.

We took Clara with us but she was a bit restless throughout the film . When she needed a feed I had to sit in the aisle as she is getting too long for me to feed her in the cinema seats! Luckily it wasn’t very busy in there.

Disney Treats
On Friday we headed back to the Trafford Centre again, where the girls both got a new toy from the Disney Store, thanks to their Nana. Izzy picked an Ariel doll, and I picked a Princess Sofia one for Clara. They have some Sofia the First bath toys and whenever I put Clara in the bath she reaches round for the bag of toys straight away. No matter which ones I offer her, she always picks the Sofia one. When I showed her the doll in the store her face lit up with a big beaming smile.


Izzy is obsessed with Ninjago at the moment and always wants to watch the cartoon on tv. When we went to the Lego shop she just wanted to find the Ninjago toys. She had her heart set on one with Skylor in as that’s her favourite character, but it was £25 and as she had already had a lot of treats we said she could have a small set. She says she is going to save up the pennies in her money box to buy the Skylor one.


Going home
It’s been a lovely few days away but after 4 very late nights in a row and any kind of routine thrown out the window, the girls were shattered. Plus Hubby has Man flu, which I fear he has now passed to me (I will be much braver though). Today has very much been a day of recovery!


Five minutes after leaving Gulliver's World


Helping us to pack the suitcase

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Happy Easter!

It’s Clara’s first Easter and for a ten month old she has got quite the haul of chocolate and goodies! Not as much as her very lucky sister though – both girls have been well and truly spoilt by family and friends.


Happy first Easter Clara!


I hope she is going to share those eggs with me!

Hope you have lots of lovely Easter Fun today!

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