Epic lie in

Izzy has been on a trip to a farm park today with her grandparents. I had great plans for the day. Which went out the window come 8am when I decided to go back to bed for a few hours. To be fair, I had been up every couple of hours through the night and from 2am had a sweaty 3 year old sharing my bed.

I then felt quite guilty about wasting a perfectly good day (catching up on sleep) so I spent the afternoon cleaning and ironing. And watching Glee. Which I think Clara likes as she kept trying to see the TV. She was full of smiles when Izzy came home though. Nothing can compete with her crazy big sister.

8 week immunisations

Clara had her first injections today. Aside from a couple of minutes crying and giving me the look of ultimate betrayal, she has been fine so far.

I decided to decline one of the immunisations – Rotavirus (winter vomiting bug). The nurse said Clara may have stomach pains and runny nappies for a day or two as it is a live dose of the virus. As she is suffering with wind at the moment and being a bit sick I didn’t want to give her any more pain, especially if she was likely to vomit the orally-given vaccine before it had chance to fully work anyway.

I made sure Izzy had all the recommended immunisations and never questioned it. But having to make an on-the-spot decision today I wasn’t really convinced that the benefits would outweigh the side effects. Its a new vaccine – it wasn’t available for Izzy – so there was no pressure to have it.

Of course I will feel terrible if she gets ill with the stomach bug over winter. But then again I would have felt terrible if she was in pain for the next couple of days. So I can’t really win! There is always something to feel guilty about.

Luckily now she is fast asleep and I think she has forgiven me for letting the nurse stick needles in her legs.


First family trip – Wigwams and making friends

I don’t do camping. Cramped tents, bugs and trekking across a muddy field to use the toilet – no thanks. So ‘glamping’ was a perfect compromise. Our wooden wigwam had beds, an en-suite shower room and kitchen facilities, but was small and cosy enough to give us a sense of being close to the outdoors. The atmosphere of camping combined with the luxury of home comforts. Perfect for our first overnight trip as a family of four. And it went very well.


We stayed for one night close to Ullswater in the Lake District. Before we had even unpacked the car, Izzy had introduced herself to the neighbours. They had a large dog with them so the two chased each other around until eventually the dog was tired out – but Izzy kept going. I kept trying to steer her away from the people who were staying in the wigwam next to ours. Some people don’t want to be bothered by children, especially when they are trying to enjoy a relaxing holiday. So I always feel awkward at Izzy’s slightly aggressive style of making friends – I want to talk to you, you WILL be my friend. However they were very nice. Izzy even went for a nose around their wigwam and by the time she eventually went to bed they knew her entire life story. Just like everyone else who has ever met her.

Clara slept in her moses basket and had no idea what was going on but it was still nice to have a couple of days away and get out of the routine. She even let us get a few hours sleep. Until Izzy woke us up at 5am! No chance of a holiday lie-in. 

P1080607 P1080616


Young love

Should I be worried that my three year old appears to have a boyfriend? One day last week she tells me all about how a boy at pre-school hit her, and another boy started fighting with him, sticking up for Izzy.

Yesterday she was talking about this knight in shining armour, twirling her hair round her fingers as she told me how she really likes him and – get this – he is ‘very good’ at kissing her!

Apparantly he kisses her while she lies on the floor, pretending to be sleeping beauty while he is the prince.

Ah, the innocence of young love.

Time for a check up

Clara had her 6 week check up yesterday (although she is now over 7 weeks). She weighs a healthy 12 pounds and is doing well – no problems at all. She has good control over her head, is looking around and following sights and sounds well. Very pleased with how she is coming along.

It would have been nice to be able to pay more attention though. I was somewhat distracted as Izzy kept constantly interrupting, asking for snacks and touching things she shouldn’t have been touching. I’m pleased that she is confident around people she doesn’t know, as she isn’t shy at all, but that does mean that I don’t get a word in edgeways. She was busy showing the doctor a graze on her elbow, telling her all about her toys and asking what all the medical instruments were for. And that’s when she wasn’t singing songs from DocStuffins at the top of her voice.

It was very distracting, especially when the doctor started asking about contraception. That’s an awkward conversation to have in front of a 3 year old. There’s just certain words you don’t want repeated. She already gave her pre-school teachers a full account of all the midwife appointments she attended with me – you can’t keep anything quiet once Izzy knows about it!


Feeling rubbish. Sore throat, blocked nose, headache. According to my 3 year old – who climbed into my bed with her stethoscope, doing her best Doc McStuffins impression – I have a case of Ickyscabbyosis.

Sounds awful.


This is a picture of me, as drawn by Izzy in the ‘Big book of boo boos’.

She recommended that plenty of sleep would help me feel better, but you don’t get to have sick days when you have children. Instead my day started at 5am when Clara needed a feed, and by 7 I was changing wee-soaked bedding after Izzy had a little accident.

Time for another Lemsip.

Summer holidays are here

It was Izzy’s last day at pre-school today, so it’s officially summer holidays now. They had a party, with cake and dancing, and Izzy wore her Princess Rapunzel dress. I can’t believe its been a year since she started. She has one more year of pre-school to go but she is growing so fast. And it feels more so since Clara was born. I don’t know if it’s because Clara is so new and little, but everything about Izzy suddenly feels so big. Her hands and feet, the words she uses, the way she understands things. Sometimes I forget that she is only 3!

So now I need to find ways to keep her entertained for 6 weeks. Without having Disney Junior on a constant loop.

Freaking out

I just went into the garage to empty the tumble drier. And there was something in there. Something black, and quick, that rustled through the recycling and past Izzy’s bike before disappearing behind some boxes of junk by the door. I don’t know what it was, as I saw it very briefly out of the corner of my eye, but it would appear that we have a mouse or rat living in our garage.

And Hubby is away so I have just had to abandon the washing and retreat to bed, where I will worry all night about possibly having to face the horrid rodent when I go to retrieve the clothing in the morning. Maybe I will take Izzy with me. She could scare it into hiding with her loudness. Though more likely she would try to befriend the creature.

Feeling very freaked out. 

A Gruffalo? What’s a Gruffalo?

Yesterday we went looking for the Gruffalo at Whinlatter Forest. We avoided the worst of the torrential rain by having lunch in the cafe before setting off on the one mile trail in search of the terrible beast with purple prickles all over his back. Despite the miserable weather, we had a great time. The rain eased off long enough for us to navigate through the forest with the pram; with Izzy jumping in the muddy puddles. Along the way we spotted the mouse, snake, owl and fox from the popular children’s book and Izzy enjoyed the various play areas. Then towards the end of the walk we met the famous Gruffalo himself, much to Izzy’s delight.  

 P1080513 P1080527  P1080518

Visit http://www.forestry.gov.uk/gruffalo to find out what the Gruffalo is up to this Summer.