Swimming lessons with a 3 year old

Taking a three year old to a swimming lesson is like taking a Chihuahua to a dog show.

“Go on, through the hoop.”
“Get the ball, go go go!”
“STOP drinking the water!”

I find myself repeating instructions and shouting encouragement with high pitched urgency, wildly waving my arms around. I spend the next 30 minutes trying to bribe Izzy with promises of a Freddo while being completely ignored in favour of a chewed up float that I think at one time was shaped like a teddy bear. Then we spend more time in the changing room than we did in the pool, while she runs around shaking her naked bottom at fellow swimmers.

And that is how I spend a relaxing Friday afternoon.

My currant bun

Izzy was very excited when she left school today, a welcome change after yesterday.

The highlight of her day was that she had been chosen to be one of the currant buns. She stood in the middle of a circle of children while they sang ‘Five currant buns in a baker’s shop’.

The other children then took it in turns to ‘pick’ one of the buns from the shop.

“Mammy, mammy… my boyfriend picked me. Because he loves me.” Said our beaming 3 year old.

It is amazing what is important and exciting to a child.

Monster problems for a 3 year old

Izzy was quite down when I collected her from preschool today. At first she was playing on the fact that she had scraped her knee while running around. But then she confessed what was bothering her much more than the graze on her leg.

She had been trying to play princesses with the other girls, but they all started to say that Izzy was a monster and were running away from her. She didn’t seem overly convinced by my reasoning that they were just trying to play a game with her, and tomorrow everything will be fine and back to normal. However, it does seem to explain why she seems much happier playing with the boys.

Even at 3 years old she is experiencing the playground cliques. Hopefully it won’t knock her confidence too much, as she does really love preschool and seems to have lots of friends – most of the time. I’m sure it will all be forgotten about tomorrow.

Blogging 101: Say your name

Today’s assignment is to edit your blog’s title and tag line.

I picked the title of my blog – Kizzy and Izzy – because my Husband often calls me Kizzy, and our daughter Isabel, Izzy. It’s personal to me as initially the focus of the blog was about me being a mum to Izzy, but it doesn’t really tell people what my blog is about. Especially now Clara is here too.

So I have changed the title to ‘Kizzy, Izzy and Baby’. Any feedback or other suggestions are welcome!

The tag line is an opportunity to give readers an idea of what my blog is about. I didn’t have one before so I have now added one: making memories of motherhood. This sums up that the main aim of my blog is to record things that happen in my family and explore parenting ideas and advice. As my blog develops and I broaden the topics I write about I can change the title and tag line to reflect that.

Assignment 2: check!

Blogging 101: Who I am and why I’m here

I decided to sign up for the Blogging101 course to make sure I am making the most of my blog and the online tools and resources available, make connections with other bloggers and grow my audience. I have been blogging here on WordPress since January and I am happy with how my blog has developed, but there is a lot more that I could do. The first assignment is to introduce my blog and explain why I do it.

Mainly I blog about my own life as a mother of two daughters, with some more general posts about parenting – and anything else that I want to write about. While motherhood is the overarching theme (because that is what I spend the majority of my time doing), I don’t want to limit myself or my writing so I hope that my blog evolves and changes as I do.

My blog serves as a personal record of some of the moments – big and little – in life that I want to remember. In addition I want to develop my writing and produce posts that inform and/or entertain.

Good luck to everyone taking part in blogging101.

15 weeks: Part of the Family

Clara has been in our lives for 15 weeks now.

In that time we have quickly adjusted to life as a family of four. Izzy is still very happy about being a big sister – she is always hugging and kissing Clara and telling her how much she loves her. Yesterday, there was yet another amazing moment of sibling love when she she took Clara’s hand and said “I’m so happy that you are here”. And she genuinely is.

The feeling is mutual – Clara’s face lights up when Izzy is around. When Izzy goes to sit next to her on the floor she reaches out to hold onto her hand or clothes.


We worried that as Izzy was quite an easy going baby we wouldn’t be blessed with such luck the second time round. But we were wrong. If anything, Clara is even more laid back. So far, anyway! I suppose she has to be. Second babies don’t get as much one on one attention as their older sibling did. In some ways she is very like Izzy – they share some of the same features and expressions, and both love to suck their thumbs – but I’m looking forward to getting to know her and discovering her personality as she grows.

I love the little quivering smile she does while she is asleep, like she is having a really funny dream. I love the way she buries her face into my neck, and the beaming smile on her face when I go to pick her up. I will think she is asleep and look over to find her wide awake and watching my every move. She has really found her voice this past week, gurgling away happily, and joining in when I’m talking or singing to her. Her activity gym is now a firm favourite and she loves batting the toys and watching the lights flash.

Of course, there have been some hard times. Like the nights were I had no sleep at all, or the days were I felt stuck to the sofa because Clara was constantly feeding for hours. Once Clara settled into sleeping a good 7-9 hours each night it made everything else a lot easier. I may live to regret saying this, as it’s still early days, but it’s not as hard as I thought it would be.

Favourite Things

Before bedtime, Izzy and I were talking about her favourite things. I started asking her a few questions and then just had to grab my notebook and start writing them down. I hope I remember to do this at various points as she grows, to get a little snapshot of her life at that moment in time. Of course, she is incredibly fickle and her favourite things change on a daily basis.

Izzy’s favourite…

People: Clara and Jamie (her ‘boyfriend’) – I was a bit disappointed there was no mention of Mummy!

Toys: Seahorse, Minnie and Doggy (aka the bedtime gang)

Food: Spaghetti (‘Pasgetti’), soup, garlic bread, chocolate and cake

Places to visit: Disneyland, Grandma and Grandad’s house, Nana and Grandad’s house

Things to do: Play with her toys, dress up in her princess dresses, play with Mummy and Daddy (ah, finally we get a mention)

Song: Anything from Frozen

TV show: Sofia the First

Film: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Colour: Pink

Clothes: Any of her princess costumes

Animal: Sheep

Book: Disney Princess book, personalised with her name (available fromĀ Identity Direct – we’ve just ordered a Frozen one)