Goldilocks and the Clara Bear

Izzy and her Daddy camped out in the garden again on Sunday night – as a treat for Izzy filling her reward chart. Clara and I joined them for bedtime story and Izzy told us a jumbled up tale of the three bears, after declaring that she was goldilocks.

“Daddy bear said Who has been sleeping in my bed?” (Said in a deep voice)

“Mummy bear said Who has been sleeping in my bed?” (Said in a posh sounding voice)

Then, in a quiet, squeaky voice:

“Then Baby Clara Bear said Who has been sleeping in my bed… and they are still there!”

Love the way she has incorporated her little sister into one of her favourite stories. Plus Baby Clara Bear is a lot nicer than her other nickname for her (though it is oddly catching on) – The Clara Beast.

Do you wanna… sing a Frozen song?

Frozen fever is still holding strong in our house and we took a very excited little princess to see the Frozen Sing Along screening at the cinema last week.

It was really sweet hearing all the kids singing their little hearts out. Izzy – like most of the children there – couldn’t read the song words on screen but that didn’t matter as she knows all the words anyway. She was a bit miffed when I dropped her popcorn all over the floor before the film even started though. Oops.

Clara came too – luckily she didn’t cry at all. I thought she would have slept through it but after feeding she was wide awake staring at the screen. Another Frozen fan already!

Making Hob Nobs

My little Cinderella has been hard at work making biscuits this morning, thanks to a recipe I found on this blog – My Make Do and Mend Year.


We had intended to make chocolate hob nobs but then I realised we have no chocolate. They still taste yummy plain though. Now to enjoy a couple with a cup of tea.


Colour run

Izzy took part in the Colour Run today to raise money for Hospice at Home. She ran/walked/was carried the 1km while being covered in paint – and she had a fantastic time! Clara and I were spectators but still ended up covered in some paint – not as much as Izzy though!


Next year I might do the 5km race. I don’t run. Or jog. Or like to walk really. But I’ve got a year to work on it!

Very proud of both my girls. Clara rolled onto her side for the first time today! I put her on the bathroom floor on a towel while I ran the bath and she rolled over. Then got stuck on her side. Then in the bath she was kicking her legs like a little frog with a massive grin on her face!

Water baby

Yesterday we took Clara swimming for the first time. I thought we would have a lot more tears as the water was freezing at first but she didn’t seem to mind. She seemed fairly indifferent to the whole thing to be honest. Until the wave machine came on – then she wasn’t happy. We got out at that point – mainly because I was struggling to keep hold of a crying baby and make sure I didn’t get knocked over in the waves at the same time. 


Ready for swimming

She promptly fell asleep while I watched Hubby and Izzy come down the massive twirly water slide. I thought she would have been scared – I wouldn’t have went on the slide myself so she was very brave – but she had a huge beaming smile on her face as she came flying out of the bottom into the water.


I hope she is always that brave and open to adventure. I don’t want her to develop my sense of fear – I hate water slides. In fact I avoid all slides where possible, even the tame ones at the soft play. I think its the sense of being out of control, especially with water slides as I don’t like the feeling when you hit the bottom and sometimes don’t know which way up you are facing.

I was very brave when we went on honeymoon though. On the cruise boat I tried body boarding and surfing on the flowrider. I even managed to stay on the board for a few seconds before falling off and being swept with quite violent force into the back of the florider. The water on those things is really powerful.

Of course my braveness and pride was soon replaced by embarressment when I flashed my behind to quite a number of spectators after almost losing my bikini bottoms. I had just managed to stand up and start rescuing my modesty when the water swept me off my feet again and I sumersaulted into the padded back of the florider, where I lay feeling disoriented and mortified.

Hubby, of course, found this hilarious and even worse happened to be filming me at that precise moment. So my embarressment is now forever immortalized in film.

Happy Sharknado 2 Day!

It’s finally here! I’ve been looking forward to Sharknado 2 (The Second One) all week. We couldn’t miss such an epic moment in tv history. It was… intense. My favourite moment had to be the Wil Wheaton cameo, especially as he mentioned Sharknado on the Big Bang Theory. Not that I want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of seeing the film yet, but he does get wiped out by a shark. On a plane.

It was also educational. I must remember to keep a chainsaw in my car, just incase I am ever unfortunate enough to be caught up in such a deadly (but absolutely plausible) weather phenomenon.

I did wonder if after the success of the first film they may have increased the budget. But no worries, they stayed true to the level of special effects and professional acting that we all loved in the original.

I can’t wait for Sharknado 3D.


Today we went to see Old McDonald had a Farm, performed by the People’s Theatre Company at Rheged.

It was a last minute trip and definately worth it. Izzy joined in with the singing, shouted out the answers to the games and actually sat/stood/danced nicely for the entire hour. Without having to be constantly bribed with snacks.

Two actors, some animal puppets, animated film and plenty of classic children’s songs kept her entertained and she had a big grin on her face when we left. A grin made even bigger by the cake and hot chocolate we had afterwards.

Even Clara was good. I was a bit nervous she would cry during it – especially as I was on my own – but luckily she just fed and slept. Little legend.

I will definately be looking out for their next show, How the Koala Learnt to Hug. I think Izzy will love it.